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Siren Sirius
04 October 2013 @ 02:10 pm

I am sorry for being so elusive. I thought I would share some love. Honestly, nobody reads this anyway. We have all found each other in other venues. Its okay, my eljay will always be around. This is after all my first venture into social networking. If we even called that back then. I started this almost 10 years ago in college with a friend from high school. Back when you needed an invite for a free account. I mostly just lurk here to stalk my fandoms. Like I said I stalk them via other venues as well.

I have been very ill lately with some type of genetic disease. My mother and I are uncertain what exactly it is that ails us. With out going in to detail, we will just say it leaves my body very weak sometimes. It also makes stress harder for me to handle. Today my television was turned up too loud and I started a YouTube video and that shock sent my body into a mini panic attack. Its a bit ridiculous you think? Well, as soon as I get things with doctors rolling it will b a long journey.

Despite all of this I have not wavered in my obligations for work. However, it does cut out many of my leisure activities.

I still have big plans for the next for years of my life. Perhaps, this illness is what I needed to shake myself into overdrive on a few of my dreams. Next fall my best friend and I will be traveling together. It will be a year behind schedule, but I am making my first trip to Japan. I have never left the States before, in fact I do not even have a passport. We decided no matter what, we are going! I figure if I do not leap now, I will be forever buried in excuses. If I must take out a credit card to pay for this trip I will. Future plans, assuming my body doesn't completely disagree will be to live a year or so abroad.

I have been looking for a nice reset button in my life and I cannot think of a more exciting way to do it! I have a few friends with similar plans so lets make this a party!

Well thanks Eljay for listening.


Siren Sirius
04 October 2013 @ 01:49 pm
Originally posted by bugackt at 2014 Calendar in GACKT Store now up!
Looks like he had the photoshoot in a bathroom. LOL

B2-size Wall Calendar for 2,625Yen. Desk Calendar is 3000Yen.

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Siren Sirius
21 April 2013 @ 11:02 pm
Have I ever told you that my motherboard hates windows, and drivers. After being a brat for two days my friend finally fixed her up.

Crossing my fingers over here that she will behave for now.
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Siren Sirius
12 February 2013 @ 09:23 pm
Lift passes bought! Plans Thursday to get Pookie all adjusted into his board. I will also be milking the stupid girl stereotype to get my friend to put my step in bindings on my board for me. I am such a brat, I just don't fell like doing it myself. Also, my board will get a waxing as well.

I feel bad not dropping by the eljay much anymore. It just seems like half the time I check in there isn't a lot of updating being done. I wait days in between looking in and see only 3-4 new posts. Half the time the news has already made FB, or Twitter.

I can't put myself on a high horse here, how often do I actually update things.

I suppose I haven't been in the writing mood lately. Perhaps I need to get myself there. I have a wonderful MUSE book, perhaps I will use it to tap my creative juices.

Wouldn't be a bad excuse for making use of this thing.

Gosh knows I need something to distract me from World of Warcraft!
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Siren Sirius
09 January 2013 @ 03:12 pm
So we have our boarding trip planned for February. I have a friend who can supply 5 boards with bindings. They are all about 150cm and whoever doesn't have gear will just need to rent boots.

I am happy to try out my Lamar, it's shorter and more flexible then ol'Pinky the Burton I learned on. It's been so long I feel that I would have to relearn everything anyways. Almost 8 years, why did I wait so long? Oh yeah because it's addicting and hell of expensive. Also, I have had no one to go with (except the X BOYFRIEND). I hope that my friends will love it so much that next year we can all get season passes!

Just need someone with a car that can get up to the mountains in the snow. Besides the X Boyfriend. I don't think that Pookie wants me running off into mountains with him. I wouldn't expect him too, that is bit much to ask.
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Siren Sirius
04 January 2013 @ 11:30 pm
Discussing Valentine's Day plans with the boy. I don't think they get it. You have to do Valentine's Day on the actual day or it doesn't count. Last year we had to cancel our plans because his boss at work needed him to cover. SO I gave up my Valentine's Day so that someone else could have one. He has pretty much turned down all my suggestions with one excuse or another.

Someone please give me some ideas!
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Siren Sirius
02 January 2013 @ 09:32 pm
Started reading Game Of Thrones... so far I am enjoying it! I am trying to read more best seller books so that I may have literary conversations with other people. Plus it really is my style of reading! Knights, Dragons, Dire Wolves, Swords and epic battles! I've don't have cable so I have a chance to read it before seeing the television series. Also due to national scifi day I am fiending to read some Milton....ah classical literature in all your Glory! Paradise Lost, why did this cease to be recommended reading for HS English/lit classes! Honestly, most kids these days have never even read Shakespeare. :'( Just a thought, but if the younger generation were required to read better literature then perhaps fiction like Twilight wouldn't be considered worthy of being a best selling title!
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Siren Sirius
30 December 2012 @ 01:43 am
We have the house back to ourselves. With all the drama going on with work I have been playing the hermit in my spare time. It is nice to have my happy fun anti social time again. Mostly I am thrilled that I don't have to wear clothes anymore...except when it is cold. Denver why so cold lately? Well you did give us a white Xmas!

I survived the holidays with my usual flare. I managed to get everyone's gifts to them on time this year! R*CK ST*R!


I have been exhausted these past few days. We are one person short at work, and my current sales associate has been quite a bit flaky. She has left me working three doubles this week during promo change over. I was left with minimal coverage and setting up the promo entirely by myself. It set me a whole day behind. I also put in to get my overtime approved since I had to cover the shifts she could not make. My plan is to bring a new person on board later in the week. I have two canidates that are eager to excel. I am considering bringing them both on board. I intend to start the new year with a new crew. Since I am a reliable responsible person, I have those expectations for others. This is especially important in the workplace. I do not think it is too much to ask to take a little bit of pride in your work, even if it is a part time job. Unforeseeable circumstances happen and I am more then willing to help out with covering a shift. However, there is a huge difference between life's minor emergencies and a lack of planning. Also, three times in one week is excessive and unexceptable. I am easy going and willing to sacrifice a piece of my self to help out another, but when you begin to take advantage of me I must put my foot down.

I am still hashing out my NYE plans. I have a few parties that I have been invited too. Given the week I have had, this girl is going to drink like a champ. I have this deep inkling that my sales associate is going to blow off her shift New Years Day! Even though she has been scheduled for this shift for 3 months! I made it very clear to her that she will cover this shift. If she will not be making it herself she will be responsable for finding the coverage. I emphasized the notice she was given for this shift. Believe me if I get a call Tuesday morning saying she is not comming in, I will not be a happy camper! This is the first New Years Day in three years that I wil be taking off work!

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Siren Sirius
09 December 2012 @ 04:39 pm
Our friends are still crashing with us, Pookie and I call them our children.  Ahaha!  They kind of are, I do very much love them to death, but they are like kids sometimes. Living with your friends will make you crazy, especially when you are they type that not only prefers solitude, but has lived on your own most of your adult life.  Other then, first semester in college and a few temporary housing situations the only roommates I have had have been my monogamous romantic counter parts.  It is also a bit cramped in a one bedroom apartment with four people sharing a bathroom.  Sharing a bathroom with one person is trouble enough, but balancing it between four people is a task.  

Pookie got his promotion to store manager right in the middle of the holiday season.  While he is thrilled to have the reigns, the stress it is putting on him is clearly visible.  I have been loading him up with vitamins in the meanwhile. It also means we have less of a chance of getting a day off together.  He is pleased with all the free games and goodies he gets now!  Its nice because it cuts down on the cost of having two (or at this point 4) gamers in the house.

My meatheads at work have been making me crazy.  Sometimes I think that people don't take their jobs seriously.  Maybe this particular job is not a career move for them, but how is seriously you take this job will have an impact on future jobs.  My easy going forgiving spirit is being stressed to its maximum capacity.  Flakiness is not acceptable! This one may also be out of my control, there are protocols and I may have no say in the outcome of this situation.  Even if I want to hand out get out of jail free cards, do not pass GO do not collect $200!

On a sad note my wrists have taken a turn for the worse!  This is partially due to the power steering being out in my car (this will not be fixed for a few months)!  I haven't had a chance to really sit down and have a good gaming session, or work on projects.  After the holidays and paying my Mommi back for my car repairs, I will be getting myself in to a doctor. At least I will know if there is some other underlying factors at play with my joint issues.   Also, its been years since i have had a basic check up, I suppose I am quite overdue.  Its is just frustrating having the weakness and lack of control of my hands.  Especially, when I used to be so good with them.  I cant stand them being so cold all the time, with cold weather rolling in it just gets worse.  I have some neoprene compression gloves that I need to dig up.  They are uncomfortable but they do get some heat and circulation into my hands.  There are so many things I want to do more of, but just cannot!

That being said I will leave you all on a happy note.  There wonderfully beautiful snow outside, XMAS lights are looking so pretty. And most of all,this year I don't have to listen to horrible xmas music all day long!
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Siren Sirius
17 October 2012 @ 09:19 pm
This has been the week from hell...I'm so glad it is tapering down a bit.  For the time being things are a little rough, but I am staying optimistic. My poor baby girl won't start and I am hoping its the fuel intake or starter. Please be something fairly inexpensive.  Money has been super tight these past few months.  Savings is practically depleted, which is super stressful.  I hate not having a rainy day stash. I will know this weekend what the car situation is...meanwhile crossing my fingers.

We will also have a friend bunking with us, rather girlfriend of our good friend.  We haven't met her yet, but the serious romantic interest of a good friend is a friend no matter what.  They will be offering to help a little with our finances since these past few months have been a struggle.  Next month hopefully things will stabilize. *knocks on wood*

They say money can't buy happiness....but 90% of my troubles are financial. Money won't make the other sh!t go away but it will sure the hell make it easier to handle when I don't have the extra stress from being strapped for cash.